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Deep Fried  Gluten-Free  Waffles? 

That's right.  Waffles.  Gluten Free and Deep fried.  When it's time for fun at a fair, festival, market or any celebration, we magically appear and start frying up delectable waffly goodness.  Our waffle bites have a perfect, delicate crunch that satisfies the pickiest waffle connoisseur by melting in your mouth like sweet perfection.

'Sup With The BLOX?

Waffles are served a lot of ways.  But few if any are deep frying them, and fewer still are serving them in easy-to-eat, bite-size servings with an actual FORK.  Think about it: do you really want to sit there hacking away with a fork and flimsy plastic knife or settle for eating some lousy funnel cake with your fingers LIKE SOME KIND OF ANIMAL???  Waffle blox are people food, for actual humans. Deep fried with dignity.

Waffle Blox Lineup

(not all flavors will necessarily be available at all events)

These are the flavors that put us on the map. And every one is 100% totally gluten free!

Signature Flavors


Chicken & Waffles

I Know! Right?? Gluten-free chicken and waffles? No Way!!  Yes Way!!

And to make it even better, we even added some amazing varieties!


Some of our favorites. Complementing our amazing menu with a sprinkling of waffly awesomeness.

Chef's Specials



We can modify these specialties for our 'Dairy-Free Friends'. Our vanilla waffles are made with dairy-free milk and we always carry dairy-free whipped cream. 


We will get back to you ASAP!!

Whether you are thinking of bringing the Waffle Blox experience to your indoor or outdoor holiday party, your office celebration or picnic, or your wedding reception.  Your guests will be impressed with our delicious food and friendly service!!

We are equipped to handle groups of all sizes.  We love wedding receptions, school functions, festivals, and charity events. This will be the highlight of the event. 

Make It A Blox Party!!

Where To Find Us


Important Message: 



Seriously.  Gluten-free waffles?  Yes!  Gluten-free breaded chicken and waffles? Yep! Yep!  Gluten-free OREO® Cheesecake with chocolatey chocolate-chip waffles? Abso-freaking-lutely! Every item is 100% totally gluten free. Don't worry. Now you can go, have the fun, and experience safe and delicious food too. It's about time!

Our Building Blox

     Waffle Blox began in October of 2021 as a side project between two best friends Scott J and Scott K. We wanted to create a business where we could have fun and make some extra money. Since then we have gotten to work side by side all summer with our kids, listen to good music and create something really special.


Scott J is the operator that makes things happen, and Scott K makes it better through design and excellent branding. And families like ours are the reason we are Totally Gluten-Free.


     Right from the beginning we decided to anchor our business on a few key principles which has helped us navigate along the way:

We Put Relationships First

We Will Have Fun

We Will Be Generous

We Will Be 100% Gluten-Free

We Will Only Serve Excellent Food

We Will Make Money

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